THE NEW OLD ME: My Late-Life Reinvention

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My Late-Life Reinvention

Hardcover, March 14, 2017

For readers of Anne Lamott, Abigail Thomas, and Ayelet Waldman, a “lusty, kickass*” post-divorce memoir, one woman’s story of starting over at 60—in youth-obsessed, beauty-obsessed Hollywood.

After the death of her best friend, the loss of her life’s savings, and the collapse of her once-happy marriage, Meredith Maran—whom Anne Lamott calls “insightful, funny, and human”—leaves her San Francisco freelance writer’s life for a 9-to-5 job in Los Angeles. Determined to rebuild not only her savings but herself while relishing the joys of life in La-La land, Maran writes “a poignant story, a funny story, a moving story, and above all an American story of what it means to be a woman of a certain age in our time” (Christina Baker Kline, number-one New York Times–bestselling author of Orphan Train).

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Kirkus Reviews raves about The New Old Me! (1.4.17)
"By turns poignant and funny…a spirited and moving memoir about how “it’s never too late to try something new.” (read review)

I love everything Meredith Maran writes. She is insightful, funny, and human, and the things she writes about matter to me deeply. Her memoir, THE NEW OLD ME is a book I don’t just want to read—I need to read it. So does everyone else who’s getting older and wants to live fully, with immediacy and enjoyment, which is to say, everyone.
Anne LamottSome Assembly Required

THE NEW OLD ME is a poignant story, a funny story, a moving story, and above all an American story of what it means to be a woman “of a certain age” in our time. If you’ve ever wondered “where have all the bra-burners gone?”, Meredith Maran will answer your question as she reinvents herself at age 60—in Hollywood, of all places. Any woman who’s ever wondered what life might hold as a modern senior citizen will find much to challenge and reassure her in this absorbing, beautiful book.
Christina Baker KlineOrphan Train

How does Meredith Maran do it?  How does she know my secret fears about aging, my not-so-secret flaws? Meredith's life-changing writing draws me in and makes me root for her, root for myself, root for all of us who have only two choices: get older or die. I depend on her hopeful, horrible, hilariously heartfelt dispatches from the future (she's just a wee bit older than I). If anyone finds the fountain of youth, Meredith deserves the first sip.
Annabelle Gurwitch, I See You Made An Effort

Meredith Maran’s soulful, funny, beautiful memoir is a refreshing inspiration to me. I’m ten years younger than she is, wondering what’s up ahead. Meredith’s voice is exuberant, lusty, kickass, full of life. She is my new role model for getting older without getting old. She blazes a trail for us all, showing humans of all ages how to create joy and community for ourselves while maintaining a sense of humor, wonder, and curiosity. This book is a godsend. Hooray! 
Kate ChristensenThe Great Man

High time we had a book that celebrates becoming an elder! Meredith Maran writes of the difficulties of loss and change and aging, but makes it clear that getting on can be more interesting, more fun, and a lot more exciting than youth. I love this wonderful book.
Abigail Thomas, What Comes Next and How To Like It

I might have forgotten to breathe for the entirety of reading these pages, some of the very finest writing I've read in a long time. What you have here is a universal experience -- love and loss, dreams and aging, the heartless indifference of the universe to the securities we so innocently weave around ourselves -- distilled through the singular sensibility of an exceptional storyteller and dramatist. Meredith Maran's question is the cruelest one of them all: How do we mend ourselves after we have been broken? Books are our most intimate and acute means of communication, John Cheever said. If you want to know what he meant, read this book.
Boris FishmanA Replacement Life

When Meredith Maran lost her best friend, her money, and her marriage at age 60, she could have thrown in the towel, or gone to bed for a year, or become a bitter, angry woman. Instead she made a new, vibrant life for herself in a new, vibrant city, with a new job, new friends, new lovers, and an old bungalow among the lime trees, which she transformed into a writer’s haven and salon. The spirit, resilience, and hilarity on display in THE NEW OLD ME offers hope for living soulfully and zestfully no matter what life gives us—now, and at every age. 
Ayelet Waldman, Bad Mother

The best memoirs keep you enthralled and leave you thinking. THE NEW OLD ME does both. Meredith Maran’s wrenching but redemptive journey is a heartfelt, wise meditation on the challenges women face today as we age, and the creativity with which we’re facing them. This is a stirring and captivating must-read for humans of all ages. 
Susan OrleanThe Orchid Thief

THE NEW OLD ME, Meredith Maran's memoir about her recent experiences navigating life's sudden shifts and tilts and swerves, is funny, tough, sweet, and always charming.  
Meg Wolitzer, The Interestings

“Meredith Maran is my new role model for getting older without getting old.”
Kate Christensen, author of the PEN/Faulkner award winner The Great Man