You don't need this book. You don't divert every conversation back to yourself, or drop references to your achievements like confetti at every party, or regard the world and all the people in it as pawns on your own personal chess board.

But do you have friends or, perhaps, family members who fit the profile? Yes, you do. Lots of them. Because narcissism isn't just for CEO's and rock stars anymore. Today, Self-Loving Persons are everyday people who need what ENOUGH ABOUT YOU offers:

•Practical tips on such topics as spirituality, sex, parenting, and career to help Sl.P.'s help others (and the whole world) to conform to their exacting standards

•True-life anecdotes to validate that although Sl.P.'s are incredibly special, they are not alone

•Astute critique of the national epidemic of self-doubt; clear presentation of the superior model of self-confidence, as embodied by the Self-Loving Person

At once utterly self-absorbed and charmingly aware of it, Mimi E. Gotist has delivered a gift for our times: a way to give the narcissists in all of our lives what they truly deserve.


Me Here Now
The ends justify the meanness

Abstinence makes the fond grow harder (and the hard grow fonder)

You're not just looking for the person you want to marry-you're looking for the person you want to change
Commit calculated acts of "kindness" and sensible acts of nudity

If you can't trust me with a child, how can you trust me with a choice?
If you can't be a good mother, be a Good ENOUGH ABOUT YOU(TM) Mother

Do who makes money and if the love follows, better yet
Don't work-work it
"Work is love made visible"-Kahlil Gibran.
"Love is work made unnecessary"-Mimi E. Gotist

Health & fitness
Forget inner beauty-go for thinner beauty
Beauty is in the "I" of the beholder

Personal growth
Self matters. What else does?
Flattery is the sincerest form of imitation
You can lead a narcissist to mediocrity, but you can't make him shrink

"Several people gave me this book, but I'm not going to read it. Why should I?"
-M. Stewart

"Talk about your raging ego--Maran is living validation of my work"
-S. Freud

"If every age has its disorder--hysteria in Freud's Vienna, addiction in the eighties, depression in the nineties--ours seems to be the age of narcissism."
-Vogue Magazine

"What do they mean, disorder?"
-Mimi E. Gotist