"What we had in mind, when my friends and I threw away our bras, was power. We wanted the world to widen to women. We wanted more respect, higher wages, better marriages than our mothers', bigger lives than any generation of women had ever known."

"We had big plans for men, too. The more optimistic among us envisioned a new breed of men who would cook and cry; go to therapy and diaper babies, assist us in achieving the multiple orgasms we so deserved, and then pop out of bed to clean the bathroom."

Notes From an Incomplete Revolution defies political correctness and anti-feminist pieties to reveal just how far we have come-and how far we have to go-since "women's lib" upended our culture a quarter-century ago.

"...This book's important point: that at this stage in the history of feminism, being honest about women's lives is far more a sign of progress than retreat; that to complete the revolution, women need realistic analysis more than symbolic gestures."
-The New York Times Book Review

"Equal parts Fran Leibowitz and Helen Gurley Brown...Maran's witty, insightful, first-person narrative acknowledges the limitations and failings of feminism while still rejoicing in the power of the women's movement."
-The Advocate

"A brave and thoughtful woman...With honesty and rigor, she takes on one emotional minefield after another-the relations between men and women, women and women, people of color and whites, parents and children."
-The Dallas Morning News

Amid the clatter of debate about what feminism is and isn't, Meredith Maran's funny, poignant stories reveal, in real-life terms, the battles we've won and those we're still fighting.
-Marie C. Wilson, President, Ms. Foundation for Women

This honest and necessary accounting from the front lines of how we live now should be read by anyone who cares about women and the future of the family.
-Marita Golden, author of Saving Our Sons: Raising Black Children in a Turbulent World.